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These items can cause allergic reactions!

If you are looking at trying allergy testing, then you need to think about then you need to make sure you are choosing the right test. If you are suffering from allergic symptoms like swelling, hives and even throat sores, then allergy testing is right for you. Let's...

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Managing a Bloated Stomach – You need to see this!

If you are a keen eater of fast foods then you need to look away now! If you often eat take away burgers and chips then it could be causing you a lot more harm than good, more than you could ever imagine! Fast food can be bad enough on its own, but add a bloated...

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Locating your testing sample

HI there! We've heard you're wanting to try allergy testing or already have done but now have some questions about locating your sample and understanding your results. A lot of customers often have some questions because they are looking to locate their sample, but we...

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How can allergy testing help your bloated stomach

Allergy testing can help your bloated stomach, your nausea, your headaches, and your stomach issues in ways you never knew! In fact, the allergy and intolerance symptoms that you have been experiencing could actually be caused by food items and non-food items, and not...

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