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Why do you need to add fat to your diet?

If you have just received your results from Test Your Intolerance then you will likely have a variety of questions. In our blog pages and across our website, we endeavour to ensure that we try and cover all your questions about intolerance testing. So, today it is all...

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28 Days Later

Recently, we have been encouraging our customers to share their success stories and what their experience of doing an elimination diet after their intolerance test was like. The feedback has been amazing as people have been explaining what foods they cut out, what...

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Coping with your dairy intolerance!

Coping with your dairy intolerance is something many people worry about, but there are always many things that can be done. Of all our recommendations, we do suggest that you order an intolerance test first, but this is just the first step on your way to becoming a...

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3 clean smoothie recipes to help your diet

Once you have received your results from Test Your Intolerance, you will be looking at improving your lifestyle and health. One way to do this is to eat healthier, which is why we are giving you three new clean smoothie recipes which you need to follow to keep the...

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Managing a Bloated Stomach – You need to see this!

If you are a keen eater of fast foods then you need to look away now! If you often eat take away burgers and chips then it could be causing you a lot more harm than good, more than you could ever imagine! Fast food can be bad enough on its own, but add a bloated...

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View our blood and bioresonance tests

We use Bioresonance equipment to perform our hair tests. Discover more about Bioresonance
testing including the process and research papers on our dedicate Bioresonance page.

Discover more about our Blood Tests. The Elite test uses a small blood spot kit which
is posted direct to your door. Find out more by clicking below.