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3 tips to dealing with food intolerances whilst on Holiday

With still a month left of the Summer holidays, and with the children having broken up from school, there has never been a better time to jet off on your holiday. Plus, there has also never been a better time to set off on holiday knowing that you are well prepared to...

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Misdiagnosed symptoms and how to manage them

Any symptoms of a food intolerance or allergy can have a detrimental effect on your life. Coming in both a physical and mental form, such as fatigue or headaches, it is essential that you identify which food or non-food items may be causing your symptoms. If you think...

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5 ways Test Your Intolerance can help you Beat the Bloat

WOW! What a Summer we are having. Everyone is out and about enjoying the summer sunshine, relaxing and enjoying the heatwave. For some of us though, reality has sunk in and we are not feeling on top form. One of the questions we have to ask you is whether bloating is...

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