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Why I took a food intolerance test!

Food intolerances can affect the way people live both their work and social lives. At Test Your Intolerance, we operate with a dedication of helping our customers to be both happy and healthy! We encourage our customers to leave us reviews on our facebook page or to...

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What’s it like to do an elimination diet?

Having got your intolerance testing results, it is time to do an elimination diet! But what does this entail and what does it feel like after you have completed your diet? Well, why not find out from people who have done it themselves? This new feature will see a...

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Trying to do a Plant-Based diet

In recent years, many people have chosen up the option to undertake a plant-based diet and see if it improves their health as they get rid of their food intolerances. Looking to get fit and healthy, people consider eating green to become lean. But, regardless of food...

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Fatigue and what causes it

Is there a relationship between fatigue and food intolerance? You need to know what is causing your symptoms as tiredness and headaches can have a serious impact on your social and work life. Food intolerances could be the cause of your tiredness, so it is important...

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Have you ever done an intolerance test?

Some people do not know what a food intolerance is, let alone what a food intolerance test is. Many people confuse food intolerance with food allergy and this can sometimes be a dangerous mistake. This because food intolerance symptoms often cause discomfort and are...

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Ginger and Lemon Soup

Sweeten up your day with a strong and tasty Ginger and Lemon soup, perfected by Test Your Intolerance. Perfect for your healthy and balanced diet, Ginger and Lemon soup is an amazing source of nutrients which helps to give you the kick you need. All you need to create...

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View our blood and bioresonance tests

We use Bioresonance equipment to perform our hair tests. Discover more about Bioresonance
testing including the process and research papers on our dedicate Bioresonance page.

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