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This amazing combination deal is the cheapest way to get the Intolerance Test, Nutrition Test and our Metal Toxicity Test so you can get a full snap shot of how your body is doing on the inside.

With these three tests, you’ll be able to see all the intolerances you have, the metals you need to avoid and any nutritional items (vitamins and minerals) you need to include in your diet. Alongside these results, you’ll be able to create the perfect diet to keep you feeling healthy and allowing your body to heal.

The Intolerance Test uses your hair sample to test over 600 different food and non-food items to see what items will cause you a reaction due to having an intolerance. To complete the Nutrition Test we then reverse the process and using the same hair sample we can see out of a list of 80 items, which you are lacking and need to include more of in your diet.


What’s tested

  • 600 of the most common food and non-food items including some pollens, wheat, dairy, teas, eggs, veg and meat
  • 80 nutritional items needed to keep your body healthy
  • 24 individual metals including mercury & lead.