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Trusted service. What our customers are saying.

We’re lucky enough to have completed over 400,000 tests to date and with that, we have heard about some great positive results from our customers. Below we have featured a selection of positive discoveries where lives have been changed for the better.

Customer testimonials

I was a bit sceptical at first about completing an intolerance test, but as soon as I decided to try Test Your Intolerance, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I received my results very quickly and it was fascinating and somewhat surprising to find out my intolerances. Since excluding all intolerances from my diet, it has been a shock and most of all, a relief to see how quickly my symptoms have been alleviated. For the first time in years I have been able to enjoy food without getting constant stomach pains and nausea, and it has felt empowering to regain control over my health.

It can seem a bit daunting at first to transform your diet and cut out foods you’re so familiar with, but the nutritional support at Test Your Intolerance was super helpful and helped me clarify foods I can and can’t eat and if it is ok to reintroduce them into my diet at a later stage. It feels good to know I have this knowledge about my body forever and I can optimize my health as a result. Massive thumbs up and would encourage anyone to try it for yourself!

Natasha Hooper

Told me I was intolerant to wheat which I cut out, and I no longer get rashes. Recommended.

Jeff M Pace Via Google

Just wanted to say thanks to the customer service team, I couldn’t find my results but I spoke to them on their chat site and got them immediately. Thanks.

Hithsi Perta Via Google

I was bought my test by a friend and I was a bit worried about what the results would test for, but their customer service sent me a full list and I saw it included gluten and dairy… spoiler, I’m intolerant to both. It’s helped me live a healthier life.

Mark Piter Via Google

I honestly feel so much better after taking this test and following the diet. I was a little worried that my hair wouldn’t show anything, but it was great.

Joe Hamilton Via Google

Get this test to help you feel better, it’s simple.

Steve Thore

This service was incredibly beneficial. I knew there was something in my diet which was bothering me and this test really helped.

John Willis Via Facebook

Thanks to Bex from Customer service who spoke to me about my test as I was a little confused. Really pleased I did this test.

Sophie Stephens Via Facebook

I wanted a test for 5 people so I could get all my family tested at once, but they only sell tests for four people so I spoke to them on live chat and they discounted the additional test straight away. Great service.

Emma Olivia Via Facebook

I used the LiveChat service to speak to their team and they were very helpful. Great service.

Ruby Browne Via Google

I was a little sceptical about the test following the reviews, but I had no issues. It came through by email and had step by step instructions on what to do. Highly recommended.

Debi Willean Via Google

I came across Test Your Intolerance on Google and ordered a test straight away. I didn’t have to wait for the post which I liked, but I don’t have a printer which they don’t warn you about! I used a friends printer and my results came through quickly. A+

Safia McCarthy Via Google

I bought a test for my whole family and we all had issues which we’ve changed and now we feel much better. Very easy service and I’m surprised at how cheap it was!

Danny J Thorton Via Google

Great test, very accurate, very quick.

Alicia E Henderson Via Google

Great service, I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t understand the results, but the guide is very helpful and it’s split into easy to understand areas to help me understand my body better.

Jack Ressow Via Facebook

Helpful test and a great customer service team. I lost my forms and they resent it in no time. Highly recommended.

Richard Renfrow Via Facebook

I’ve recommended all my friends to use this test. It gives great, helpful results and their customer service team was very helpful.

Charles P Via Facebook

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